Puerto Rico Transportation

Puerto Rico by Air
Puerto Rico is a hub for air travel in the Caribbean, from the United States, as well as Europe. American Airlines uses Puerto Rico as one of their most important hubs.

Puerto Rico is a favored destination for many of the World's major airlines. Because of the large amount of passengers, faresare very reasonable and packages are available with your choice of many fine hotels. Puerto Rico Airline Info

Puerto Rico Cruises: San Juan has become a major cruise ship port, with over one million passengers passing thru each year. Puerto Rico cruise lines.

Puerto Rico Ferries: You can have the cheapest Caribbean Cruise in the world, in the Old City of San Juan. Puerto Rico ferries.

Puerto Rico Public Cars (publicos): This is one of the most reasonable methods of travelling throughout the island. Public cars leave from the airports, as well as from all of the town plazas. Puerto Rico publicos.

Puerto Rico Taxicabs: All cabs use meters to charge fares, except in charter trips outside usual taxi zones. Puerto Rico taxicabs.


Puerto Rico Transportation. We have listed a number of the well known, and lesser known Puerto Rico Transportation companies for your convenience. Check out for listings of motels and paradores and Hotels in Puerto Rico.

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