Puerto Rico Taxis

Puerto Rico by Taxi
Recently the Public Service Commission determined flat rates to various points of touristic interest from the Airport.

All cabs authorized by the Public Service Commission use meters to charge fares, except in charter trips outside usual taxi zones (we have updated rates, courtesy of one of our visitors.)

Taxi's Are $20.00 An Hour Prices Made By The Commision.

From the Pier to Isla Verde $16.00 (Hotel, Airport)
Old San Juan to Condado $6.00
Pier to Condado $10.00
Isla Verde to Airport $8.00 plus luggage (price includes one piece)
Condado to Airport $13.00
Condado to Plaza Las Americas $15.00
Isla Verde to Plaza Las Americas$10.00
Pier to Plaza $10.00
Zones Priced by the commission.

Any fare outside of zones are metered.

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