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Puerto Rico Suburbs

San Juan, Guaynabo, Caparra and some sections of Río Piedras are known for their friendly and informal way of life. There are community centers, clubs and good shopping.

Although there are now some condominiums in these sections, they are prized for their fine homes and estates. You can take your choice of a home on a well cared for street or have it set in the hills with breathtaking views. These are ideal areas for your children to be able to have lots of room to play, both indoors and out.

Life near the ocean with lots of swimming, boating and snorkeling highlight living in this area. Here homes are the exception, and condominiums are the way of life. Many enjoy expansive ocean views and good recreational facilities. This section is very "Americanized" with almost no need to speak Spanish. The schools are among the best and the shops are very exclusive. Your social life will bloom in this area with many clubs and charitable activities awaiting your participation.

Isla Verde
Many people consider the beaches in Isla Verde to be among the most beautiful in the world. There are miles and miles of great beaches to walk on, or enjoy all varieties of water sports. There are a number of exceptional hotels with entertainment and casinos. All in all a fun place to live. TIRI will give you orientation of these different areas and then visit some of them.This way you will have a better idea of where you will want to live. We have an exceptional selection of fine homes and condominiums to offer you.

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