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Housing in San Juan is plentiful. There are residential areas to fit all pocketbooks and tastes. In general, prices are somewhat higher than many parts of the States.

A good three bedroom, two bath home will range in price from $150,000 to $250,000. The land in Puerto Rico is very limited therefore very expensive. Within this price range you can expect about an 1/8 of an acre. When you desire more land, the price naturally goes up. Of course, a lot depends on the neighborhood. With about ¼ of an acre, and four bedrooms, prices average between $250,000 to $475,000 to the cost of a home. Most of our homes are geared to tropical living with beautiful foliage and terraces. There are also excellent townhomes available from $100,000.

Property taxes are usually lower in Puerto Rico than in the States. If you live in your home you are entitled to a $15,000 exemption. As a veteran you may also qualify for an additional $4,000 exemption. Many of our homes that are priced below $100,000 pay almost no property taxes. Some homes of about $150,000 will pay a few hundred dollars a year after the exemption is granted.

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