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The rich variety of Puerto Rico lies below like a visitor's buffet. There, to your left, the ancient Spanish fortress of El Morro juts into the Atlantic Ocean, symbol of centuries of history. Ahead, the modern hotels of the Condado and Isla Verde areas rise along the sands of the beach, and to your right, the gleaming glass towers of the Hato Rey banking district reflect the sun. In the distance, cool green mountains promise the option of an escape to small towns and country roads reminiscent of earlier times. And you haven't even landed yet.

Puerto Rico is different from any other community in which you have ever lived. The principal differences include the culture, the Spanish language and the incomparable weather.

While Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, its culture and social mores are charmingly Spanish. As a matter of fact, Puerto Rico is the oldest community under the American flag. San Juan, its capital city, was founded in 1521, 40 years before the first settlement in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida

A thousand miles southeast of Miami, Puerto Rico is a crossroads for business today just as it was centuries ago when ships laden with silver from South America sailed into port on their way home to Spain with their treasures.

Puerto Rico is a hub for air travel in the Caribbean, from the United States, as well as Europe.

San Juan has become a major cruise ship port, with over one million passengers passing thru each year. You can visit an online casino where you can play blackjack or roulette.

Puerto Rico consists of a main island of Puerto Rico and various smaller islands, including Vieques, Culebra, Mona, Desecheo, and Caja de Muertos. Of the latter five, only Culebra and Vieques are inhabited year-round. Mona is uninhabited through large parts of the year except for employees of the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources. There are also many other even smaller islands including Monito and "La Isleta de San Juan" which includes Old San Juan and Puerta de Tierra.

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