Puerto Rico Hotels

Puerto Rico has a wonderful variety of hotels ranging from the economical to the most luxurious five star hotels. You can find exceptional hotels in the metropolitan area that offer luxury and business facilities. Hotel occupancy during the high times of the year can range from 90% to 100% occupancy. During the summer season rates can be much lower. It is always a good idea to make your reservations well in advance whenever possible. For many years very few new hotels were being built. Today there are about 20 new hotels in all price ranges in various stages of planning and construction.

One of the features that Tourists love, are the casinos that most large hotels have. The Government controls all gambling in the Casinos, guaranteeing you a fair chance to beat the bank.


We have listed a number of the well known, and lesser known hotels for your convenience. Click here for a listing of hotels, motels and paradores in Puerto Rico

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